Do's and Don'ts

Any intrusion irritates nature. In order to keep the impact as small as possible, it is important to observe some rules. Also, this way other people are able to enjoy the beauty of nature too.

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Luftaufnahme Lange Lacke

Visitors are asked to stay on designated pathways in the National Park area. That means that the National Park provides pathways through the National Park that visitors are not allowed to leave. Animals are used to visitors on the pathways. As you will see, some animals will not be shy, like the Greylag Goose. But as soon as visitors leave the pathways, animals will flee. Avoid any unnecessary noise that could disturb wild animals. That way you and all the other visitors are able to enjoy the peaceful silence of nature.

Do not leave anything behind in the National Park area. Take everything out with you again and dispose of the litter correctly after your visit. Do not camp or light fires anywhere in the park. Put your dog on a lead at all times; it is for its own protection. Do not pick any flowers or plants and do not remove dead or live animals. 

You are welcome to take field glasses and a good book with you to identify the many bird species living in the park. Field guides and maps are available in the National Park shop in the Information Centre. There are eight rangers working in the Conservation Zones of the National Park; do not hesitate to ask them. They are here to help you and will answer all your questions.

The National Park provides observation points and high seats you are most welcome to use to observe the area. The open landscape of the Seewinkel makes it easy to observe birds, but a higher position gives you an even better view. That is why the National Park built 13 high seats, two observation points and one look-out. Additionally, there are two former watchtowers from the Austro-Hungarian border that now – after the fall of the Iron Curtain – fulfil the peaceful mission of bird watching. These buildings are situated on strategic points in order to ensure a great view of nature without disturbing any animals.